Welcome To My Home Away From Home!

Hey there! In case you don't know me, I'm Torey, and this is my other home away from My 17 Day Diet Blog! I'm so happy you found me here, too!

Busy Bee's CBD for pain, anxiety and sleep

I created Busy Bee's CBD Oil in 2019 to help me with my day-to-day activities - I'm a daily user (and believer!!) and know it will be a game changer for your health, too! 

Let's face it! Losing weight can have its challenges! If you're like me and you experience things slowing down, breaking down, or not working quite like they used to when you were younger, then I feel ya, girl!

Truth bomb - life doesn't have to be this way!

So if you're like me and want....

  • Relief from anxious feelings or distress that's causing you to overeat and gain weight at rapid speed...
  • Better sleep so you're firing on all cylinders so you make better food choices...
  • To see your ankles again and keep inflammation down so it's easier to lose weight and feel your best... or
  • Relief from achy joints and muscles so exercise isn't a chore!

...then I hope you'll join me here at Busy Bee's Wellness!

Tell Me Which Best Describes You Best:

Interested In Overall General Health & Wellness & Endocannabinoid Support With Occasional Relief from Discomfort

Busy Bee's CBD Hemp Oil B-Well Formula

You're looking for a premium CBD oil for general wellness, and minor relief from aches and pains, help with some anxious feelings, and want a good night sleep!

You're OK with a robust hemp-flavored CBD Oil, so you'll enjoy the benefits of B-Well!

Interested In Brain & Gut Health, Immune Support, Healthy Digestion, Relief from Anxiety & Better Sleep

You're open to trying new things such as CBG Oil (it's the precursor to CBD), and looking for focus, mental clarity, healthy digestion, immune support, help with anxious feelings, discomfort relief, and a good night's sleep! 

You're sensitive to flavors and prefer a yummy tasting CBG Oil, so you'll love B-Clear!

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